City of Rotterdam

Gemeente Rotterdam logoThe Municipality of Rotterdam (600.000 inhabitants) – Department of Welfare and Care (ca. 600 employees) is responsible for the welfare and care for the citizens – youth, elderly, disabled people. The municipalities in the Netherlands are now responsible for major parts of care and support for groups of clients with higher needs of support. These responsibilities which were introduced only recently, require flexibility and adaptation from the local governments which must deal with new challenges.

Due to structural changes we must achieve better effects with lower costs. The focus has been moved from the government to society. We attempt to transform institutional care into community care with effective (evidence-based) interventions, and stimulate the citizens to help within their social environment.
Our municipality has contracts with a wide variety of NGO’s specialized in care and welfare, reaching different target groups : youth, elderly, disabled. As a municipality we should have enough knowledge of the effects of their work in order to relieve and meet the needs of our citizens.
The city of Rotterdam has been certified according to the HKZ-quality system (Harmonisatie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling in de Zorgsector).