ENSA European Network of Social Authorities

ENSAENSA is a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field.


ENSA was established by the Veneto Region in 1999. Since then the network has developed and supported solid partnerships between a wide range of European Regions and has carried out seminars, conferences, study visit programmes and exchanges of operators . The co-operation between partners has brought about the opportunity to carry out several projects financed by the European Commission. ENSA represents an excellent opportunity for local and Regional Authorities to participate actively in European policy making and programmes. Collaborating with ENSA is a way to increase the dialogue with the European institutions and to become part of an international platform to implement shared projects.


  • to encourage international co-operation, mutual learning, exchange of know-how, of cultural models and of experience in the social sector;
  • to deepen the dialogue concerning social policies with the European Institutions;
  • to participate in innovative European projects;
  • to facilitate the involvement of new network members, particularly from EU new member countries.

Organisation. The thematic networks

The network organises its work in five subject areas of intervention. Each has its own “thematic network”: elderly, youth, child issues, disability and social inclusion. The thematic networks work in an independent way according to the wishes and needs of members and in order to carry out activities in line with EU policies. It is in the thematic networks that ENSA’s practical work is done. Members plan and undertake study visits, exchange programmes, joint and shared projects and special events. Members have to participate actively in at least one thematic network and their membership has to be ratified by the General Assembly that is held on an annual basis.Once a year, working with the European institutions, a general assembly is held in order to share the lessons of the work done at local level and to participate actively in European policy-making and programmes. The network welcomes new collaborations and memberships. No fees are required but members have to be active in at least one thematic network.


the General coordinator of the network is presently held by the Veneto Region:
Chair: Regional Minister for social Service Veneto Region, Hon. Manuela Pinzauti
Coordination: Antonella PInzauti Director Social Services Department
Support: Veneto Region Brussels Office: director: Marco Paolo Mantile
Contact: elena.curtopassi [@] regione.veneto.it

For the TRIADE Project two working groups of the ENSA are joining efforts the disability working group chaired by the Départment général du Val de Marne and the Elderly working group chaired by the Stockholm Malar Region Municipality of Nacka

ENSA disability thematic working group- chair Conseil départmental du Val de Marne

The Department du Val de Marne has social policies as one of its major fields of action. More than half of their budget is dedicated to social action. The main areas of activities are:

  • Support for Independent living for the elderly and the disabled people at home.
  • Development of home care services and institutionalisation/housing for elderly and disabled people.
  • Transversal policies (transport, housing, employment, accessibility, innovation…).
  • User centered approach

The Departement du Val-de-Marne, represented by the Department of services for the elderly and the disabled, is coordinator of the ENSA disability network since the end of 2006. In the framework of ENSA, two meetings a year are held in order to exchange best practices, to have a better understanding of the different social systems, to be applied to EU-programmes by developing common projects.

Chair – Nadia Laporte-Laurence Planchais
Contact: miljana.dejanovic [@] cg94.fr

ENSA elderly working group –Chair the Stockholm Malardal Region.

The Stockholm Malardal Region is the area around the lake of Malaren in the South-East of Sweden. Cities and municipalities around the region that are involved in the coordination are the City of Stockholm, the City of Vasteras, as well as Uppsala and Nacka municipality. Altogether, these includes around 146 000 inhabitants that are over 65 years of age.

In the last few years, a number of methods have been developed to comprise the use of ICT in home care services, e-Home Care. Possible usages include attention enhancement, reminders, strengthening independence, safety and security.

Fall and injury prevention interventions are also a priority within the Active Ageing policies.
For more information about different ongoing projects in the region please visit the links below:

Chair: kerstin.seipel [@] nacka.se

ENSA Triade team

ENSA Triade team