Conseil départemental Val-de-Marne

Val de Marne General informations

The Departmental Council of Val de Marne is a departmental assembly of the territory of Val-de-Marne, situated in the Central Northern part of France. Sharing its boundaries with Paris, it is defined as the close South East suburb of the French capital. It spreads on 245 sq.kms, and it is one of the most densely populated areas in France (50009 inh./km2).
In France, there are 4 administrative levels : state, region, departments (local authorities), and municipalities. The Departmental Councils are the legal bodies of the departments. There are 101 Departmental Councils in France.
In Val-de-Marne, the Departmental Council was created in 1967. Since 2014, it is divided on 25 sectors or « cantons » represented by 50 departmental councilors, elected by universal suffrage for six years.

The major jurisdiction attributed to the Departmental Council is social action. More than half of Departmental Council’s budget is dedicated to the social action.
The main mission of the Department Council of Val-de-Marne is support of fragile and vulnerable people, because people dealing with exclusion, elderly and disabled people, young children or adolescents have a right to a solidarity. The departmental services provide listening, assistance, solutions to overcome the difficulties related to age or accidents of life.
The Departmental Council of Val-de-Marne pays special attention to relationship with its citizens. Some of its missions are to inform citizens on existing rights and services provided by the Department Council of Val-de-Marne, to raise awareness of the need for collective duties, to promote the exercise of new and participatory local democracy forms, mobilizing citizens and associations around unifying projects.

The Departmental Council of Val-de-Marne is also coordinator of ENSA disability working group (European network for Local Authorities) since 2006. Within the ENSA disability working group, two meetings per year are organized in order to exchange best practices, to understand better social policies on european level, to apply with partners to EU-funding by developing common project.
Since 2009, the Departmental Council of Val de Marne has developed the study visits and exchanges between the professionnals in the field of disability, and participated in several european projects (D-Active, Design for all).

Description of the Department of services for elderly and disabled people

The Department of services for elderly and disabled of the Department Council of Val-de-Marne, develops and implements departemental policy towards elderly and disabled. This public policy is part of a transversal and partnership approach, based on:

    1. autonomy support of elderly and disabled at home;
    2. development of home service and Institutionalisation/accommodation supply for elderly and disabled;
    3. actions of transversal policies (transport, housing, employment, accessibility, innovation…);

Also, the Department of services for elderly and disabled carries out actions towards elderly and disabled, the institutions and medical social services supporting them.