Karlstads kommun

karlstads-kommunKarlstad is one of the 25 largest municipalities in Sweden, with around 86.500 inhabitants. Karlstad is the diocese and the seat of the provincial governor, has a large modern university and offers a rich variety of arts, entertainment, countryside and sport.

The municipality is a democratically run organisation that is lead by the City Council, the City board and a number of committees in various fields of activity, in which elected representatives within the political sphere participate.

Corporate activities in the City of Karlstad are divided into eight administrations. Each administration has a politically appointed committee that is responsible for the administration´s activities.

The municipality has responsibility for the health and care of the elderly and the disabled, childcare, compulsory schools, streets and parks. The needs of Karlstad’s residents guide the development of the municipality’s services.

Karlstad Municipality is the largest employer in the city, with 7000 employees.

Care of the elderly and disabled administration

The administration is divided in several operations and have around 2000 employees that supports approximately 3500 clients.

  • The assistance office
  • Care of the elderly (Home care services and Nursing homes)
  • Care of disabled
  • Health and medical care

The care of the disabled which is responsible for the most of the support offered to those who are disabled and entitled to aid under LSS (The Act concerning Support and Services for persons with certain functional impairments).

The Assistance Office assesses and determines the services to be performed. If the client isn´t satisfied with the decision regarding the support they need, they can appeal and get it tested in court.

The purpose of the support is to offer the same opportunities to disabled citizens as to any other person in the city. The activities primarily include accommodation, daily activities and support from personal assistant.

We have around 350 employees that supports approximately 500 clients presently. The clients are of all ages, but we have 23 % over 50 years old. Our approach to the clients are a pedagogical attitude, independent living and an individual care. The act, LSS, simplifies and supports these goals as well.

In collaboration with the client and/or a representative, we establish an implementation plan based on the decision regarding the aid and support. The plan describes which support and how the support will be provided. It´s a guarantee to the clients that the support will be given in the way he/she wants as well as a support to the staff when they preforms their work.

Within our Health- and Medical Care organization, there are certified staffs, nurses, physio therapists and occupational therapists that specialise in people with disabilities. There purpose is not only give help/input to the person, they also give support and knowledge from their expertise to the staff who works closest to the people with disabilities.
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