Hogeschool Gent

HoGent-woordmerkEstablished in 1995, HoGent (University College Ghent) is the outcome of two successful mergers in which fourteen institutions of higher education were involved. Today, HoGent (University College Ghent) has about 18.000 students, ca. 1,800 staff members , and 3 faculties (Education, Health and Social Work; Science and Technology; Business and Information Management) and 1 School of Arts.

HoGent focuses on applied research, the nature of which sometimes resembles that of services. Our activities contribute to an up-to-date academic profile and curriculum, while at the same time establishing close links with industries, official bodies, other higher education institutions and other partners – at home and abroad. For the Triade project, the HoGent has selected two departments (Nursing and Orthopedagogy) and E-QUAL, which is the centre of expertise on Quality of Life, all situated within the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work.

In both the departments students are educated towards excellent professionals. In the respective programs, quality of life and ageing are important topics. Those topics are educated from the first year on. Ageing is affecting the entire population, including people with disabilities. Providing high level of care for those people with special attention to quality of life, empowerment and inclusion is one of the upcoming educational challenges.

The main objective of the centre of expertise E-QUAL is the enhancement of Quality of Life (QoL) of persons in socially vulnerable situations, such as persons with intellectual or other disabilities, persons with substance abuse or mental health problems, persons with chronic, psychical problems, socially excluded persons,… . In practical terms, this is obtained by 1) conducting analyses of needs, 2) developing measuring instruments for assessment, monitoring and evaluation, 3) creating methods for the implementation of QoL in the daily practice and 4) establishing awareness campaigns to increase a shared vision of the concept of QoL.These four pillars are elaborated in the form of: applied scientific research, information dissemination, and eduction.